The best stories are when they come directly from the source - tune in to some amazing wins from our rockstar clients! So proud of them for taking action and going after what they want!


Landed the role in tech he's always wanted with a 50%+ salary increase!

“Not only is the Workhap team excellent at executing, but the content they put together was the best I have ever seen. Workhap’s methodology and strategies taught me so many new techniques that enabled me to stand out and land the job!”  – Harrison

Went from Event Management to Sustainability at adidas!

“Sho gave me the much needed confidence boost and strategies that really set you apart from all the other candidates. Super grateful for all that his team has helped me do!” – Tracy

Offer in FinTech with 40% increase in salary!

“Working with Sho was truly the best investment I’ve made in myself! I was able to make a pivot I never thought I could and now I’m earning the salary that I’ve always wanted.” – Navazeh

Pivot from Healthcare to People Operations at LinkedIn!

“I didn’t really know what I wanted when I first joined GHA, but through it I learned a lot about myself. Two weeks after the program ended, I was able to secure an offer!” – Jennifer

Before GHA - job searching for over a year. After GHA - 2 offers in 6 weeks!

“When I entered GHA, I realized that I had been going about the job search all wrong and never felt confident. After GHA, I was able to snag interviews and offers that I felt confident about – and the recruiters noticed!” – Jackie

Freelance to Business Development Lead in F&B!

“Sho has been a coach and there for me when I hit rock bottom, and GHA has again proved that his sharing and teaching can inspire others to achieve their ideal careers. I will 100% recommend GHA to everyone who wants a better future and clearer vision ahead.” – Calvin

Job Searching for 12 months -> After GHA, Offers w/ Bloomberg and S&P Global!

“If you are unsure or questioning about your career choices, Sho is your go – to person in terms of providing some of the most honest and insightful advice. Was a bit iffy when I signed up for this program, but this is one of the best investment I’ve made this year!” – Alex

42% bump in new UX designer role!

“GHA has been invaluable in my search to find the right job in the right company as I transition careers from marketing to UX design. Sho and the Workhap team were wonderful listeners, and they provided thoughtful advice, guidance and motivation throughout the program. GHA helped me understand myself better and what I really want out of my career.” – Jessica

Pivot from Accounting to Tech in the Bay Area!

“GHA has really changed the way I look at the recruiting process as a whole. It made a huge different in the way I reached out to recruiters and how I can leverage my network better. Sho’s truly the best at what he does!” – Ryan

Spray and pray method to applying to the ONE role she wanted and landing it!

“After 5 rounds of interviews, I got the offer! I really don’t think I could have done it without applying what I learned from Sho and the GHA program.” – Miranda

Interviews and Final Rounds within a few weeks of GHA!

“GHA was a game changer for me. I learned to be more proactive and apply what I learned in my job search strategy and I got results immediately! I’ve been following Sho for some time on LinkedIn and so glad I joined his program.” – Jay

Interviews in 2 weeks and offer in Clean Energy space after the program!

“I’d never had anyone remark that my LinkedIn and cover letter stood out to them before joining GHA. These tools and tactics make the job search doable for every single person.” – Isla

Pivot from Finance to E-commerce marketing!

“Sho really helped me see my previous experience in a different light and that I do have the skillsets that a marketer needs, but it’s just in the context of a different industry. Because of him, I was able to secure a couple of offers in the marketing industry and he was helpful in giving me tips and advice on how to negotiate my offer so that I have a package I am happy with.” – Joelle

Landed offers w/ Tiktok and Meta after GHA!

“At the end of the day, I got two offers – one from Tiktok and another from Meta, with whom I signed the contract. Thanks to Sho, I actually got the job because he showed me how to go after these jobs and network with the right people. So if you’re looking to either increase your salary or go after your dream job, this coaching program really is for you.” – Pin


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