Power Hour with Sho

Feeling stuck? Let’s change that 😊 These Power Hour sessions are designed to identify what’s working for you, what isn’t, and then TAKE ACTION to move ahead with your career. Out of all the clients I’ve worked with since 2013, it’s the ones that take big action towards their goals that get the big results. These sessions will help you do that.

With my past experience as a Management Consultant, HR Lead, and Recruiter (read more about my story here), my job is to give you the perspective you’re missing and push you in the right direction. Whether you’re just starting out on your job search or have a final round interview next week, you are in the right place. Let’s go after your goals!

Work directly with me to...

Identify You at your Best & Your Ideal Career

Our confidence can take a major hit when things don’t go as expected in our careers. Before we can go ALL IN and land the role that gets the best out of us, we need to clear the blockage stopping us from doing that. It’s the first step but a crucial one to eventually reach your big career goals. We are in this together!

Completely Transform your Resume

Gone are the days of you using a resume that doesn’t highlight everything you bring to the table! We will work together to showcase your biggest wins and completely revamp your most prized document. Tailored and filled with your best stories, this resume will land you interviews, GUARANTEED.

Build an All-Star LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is the HOOK to get recruiters’ attention, and you are doing yourself a disservice by not having it optimized and eye-catching! You will learn my ex-recruiter secrets to make your LinkedIn profile stand out among all the others. Your new profile will have everything you need to get recruiters and hiring managers to reach out to YOU.

Be in the top 1% of all Candidates

The job search strategy looks the same for most candidates — find open jobs, apply, wait, find more open jobs, and on and on that cycle goes. But that is NOT what you will do moving forward. We will craft a job search strategy that puts YOU in the driver’s seat to pick and choose the roles that you want. And you will use a secret weapon that will get you noticed by the best companies in the world.

Interview with Utmost Confidence

Interviews do not have to be a nerve wracking experience if you know the the game behind it. That’s where I come in. You will learn our proven formula to answer ANY interview question that comes your way, and you will practice it live with me. Your interviews will feel like conversations with a new friend, and you’ll share stories that make hiring you a complete no-brainer.

Get Paid what you Deserve

You are a one-of-a-kind candidate and deserve to get paid like it! We will dissect the psychology behind salary negotiations and give you the best tools and scripts you will need to master this part of the process. It’s one thing to get an offer at your target company; it’s another to get one that pays you 20%-50% more than you make now. Let’s get you BOTH!

What's Included

Work with Sho on any of the topics below or a topic of your choice.

60min Session

$500 USD

Work with me to get unstuck and build a job search strategy that works. The call can cover any of the topics below or a topic of your choice.

  • Resume Review & Feedback
  • LinkedIn Profile Review & Feedback
  • Mock Interview Session
  • Outreach & Networking
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Career Clarity
  • And any other career topics

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you schedule a Power Hour session with me and make your payment, all you need to do is show up!

I am 100% confident that no matter what your target company is, working with me will help you get there. But as your coach, I want to make sure YOU are confident that you are looking to join that company for the right reasons that align to your career goals, not because the company is the next Netflix, Google, or Deloitte (although I have helped clients land roles at all those big companies!).

Let’s talk about it! I want to make sure that we are a right fit to work together, and so if I am not the right person to be your coach, I am happy to point you to someone in my network of awesome coaches.

We accept secure payments through Stripe.

Your concerns are totally valid, because I’ve been there! As a coach, I have considered which programs and resources are right for me to continue becoming my best self.

But, let me ask you this:

Can you continue in your job search the way you have been, with little results?

Would you feel like you missed the chance to switch into the career you’ve always wanted?

How much do you think you deserve to be paid for your experience and work ethic (because chances are, you can earn more!)?

Your answers to those questions will give you some clarity as to the value and huge return on investment working with me has to offer.

Every coach is unique and has their own skills and strengths. I work with clients all the time after they have received help and guidance from other coaches.

However, my expertise is 100% in the job search and the reason why I was recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice in 2020 specifically for Job Search & Careers.

I typically only work with clients who are ready to put in the work to land their ideal career within the next 1-3 months.

If you’re uncertain you want to make that move right now, you may want to check out our digital program Get Hired Academy. You get lifetime access, and we have many students who enroll and rewatch the modules when they are ready to commit to the job search!