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Catch up on insights from our Workhap events here.

LinkedIn picked the Top Voices in Job Search and Careers for 2020, and we got a chance to sit down with 3 of them! Join Sho and his fellow nominees as they give their best career advice to our community.

Our personal brand is the differentiating factor from those who get hired, chosen for projects, promoted and many opportunities. Learn to nail YOUR brand!

Our panelists have worked at some of the best tech startups, worked their way up and now lead/started their own company. Tune in for top career insights!

Have your eyes set on a completely new role or industry or career but don’t know how to PIVOT. 3 career super stars share how they DID IT.

If you ask any new hire: what excites you most about your new role? We bet you it won’t be about the pay or the …

We had some of the best recruiters in APAC dishing out their candidate stories and going in-depth about their own job search.

We were joined by two of the best in the tech industry to share their stories and give exclusive tips on how to navigate the job market.