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Your Career Coach, Sho

I’m a former recruiter and head of talent development turned Career Coach and here to help you turn your ideal career into a reality! I’ve been recognized as one of the top career coaches on the LinkedIn Top Voices list and our work with our clients has been featured on Business Insider, Hubspot and LinkedIn News. See a few of their wins HERE.

Above all, I’m grateful to have you here. I started Workhap not ever knowing what this “thing” would turn into. I just knew I wanted to help people with their careers. Fast forward to today and I can say I have a job that I love. I work with an amazing team, get to help the best people succeed in their job search & careers, and create content that makes me happy and laugh (even if others don’t 😂)!

When I’m not talking job search & careers, I am taking an evening walk around the neighborhood or binging every Gordon Ramsay video that ever exists on YouTube, even though my own cooking skills are terrible. I can’t wait to meet you soon!

My story before Workhap

I learned from the very beginning that it’s the little things that help candidates stand out from the others. As a student, I landed job offers from Sony, Deloitte, PwC, Lyft, among some other amazing companies, and realized my passion for helping others do the same with their own job search efforts. I considered a career in HR & Recruitment but was eventually swayed by other thoughts. I started my career with EY as a Management Consultant in NYC.

In my second year with EY, I got the opportunity to work alongside the one and only Simon Sinek as part of the EY-Sinek team leading a new service offering called “Purpose Led Transformation.” This experience was everything you’d think it would be for a 20-something-year-old consultant traveling the world and working with these big brands, but something still felt missing. The HR and recruitment itch was still there and after a few years, I left the consultant life behind to start my career over from scratch.

I started my HR career as a headhunter and learned the ins and outs of recruitment with a U.K. search firm. I then went on to lead the talent development function for a unicorn technology startup in Hong Kong. I was finally doing the work I wanted to do from the very beginning of my career — work focused on people and their career development.

I was promoted to head of learning & development, where I traveled every other week to a new country to train hundreds of new managers on leadership skills. While I was in a role that I loved, I wanted a bigger impact than just working with employees in my current company. I always dreamt of running my own coaching & training company but never felt ready to take that leap.

Well, my big “aha” came to me after going to a four-day Tony Robbins event and it felt like Tony himself was speaking to me. It was a “now or never” moment and I decided on the last day of the event to go all-in on my side project at the time and pursue Workhap full time in 2019.

I never could have predicted my career would have turned out the way it did but things always work out like they should. If you’re feeling lost in your career, just know that that feeling is temporary. You too will find your way to the career and life you’ve always wanted but it starts with you taking action. I’m excited to help you get there.

Working with Sho will change your life.

My biggest wins are seeing our clients do what they first thought was impossible for them. I partner with my clients to get clear on what they want and provide customized tools to turn their career goals into reality. We go all in to go after what we want! Get in touch below to work together.